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Un roman in Canada
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Un roman in Canada sau cum poti fi arestat cand nu esti atent ce spui
Re: MM M Group Limited and Gheorghe Barbu
We have now had an opportunity to review your letter dated October 29, 2010 with our client MMM Group Limited ("MMM").It is completely untrue that Mr. Barbu was forced to resign by MMM. When Mr. Barbu returned from his vacation, he advised MMM that he required more money. He further advised that he was prepared to end his articles. His manger attempted to dissuade Mr. Barbu from ending his articles and informed him that MMM would not be providing him with a raise.On October 20, 2010 after Mr. Barbu would not stop making his demands, his manager took Mr. Barbu to meet with a member of MMM's human resources department in an effort to resolve the situation. At the meeting, Mr. Barbu was again told that he would not receive a raise. Mr. Barbu proceeded to voluntarily resign and wrote his resignation letter. Attached is a copy of his handwritten resignation letter, alleging that MMM's articling process was inadequate, a claim which MMM strongly denies and is prepared to defend vigorously.There is no basis for your client's allegation that any physícal force was used agaínst him by MMM employees.While your client voluntarily resigned, it is MMM's alternative position that Mr, Barbu's conduct during the meeting on October 20,2010 would have provided MMM with cause to terminate his employment. During the meeting, Mr. Barbu advised the HR representative that he had two guns: one for his managers and one "for the government". After this comment was made and Mr. Barbu had resigned, he was instructed to leave the building and the police were called. Given Mr. Barbu's behaviour and increased aggression, MMM employees felt threatened by Mr. Barbu's statement.The police advised MMM to contact them if Mr. Barbu returned to the building. Mr. Barbu returned to MMM's premises later that day and MMM employees called 911. Mr. Barbu was arrested on the premises and charged under section 264.1 of the Criminal Code.We understand that conditions have been imposed on Mr. Barbu that prohibit him from having any contact with MMM or its employees, and attending at MMM's premises. I trust that you will remind your client of these conditions.Mr. Barbu's actions and his threat of violence constitute workplace violence under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and serious workplace misconduct, which would have justifíed the termination of his employment for cause had Mr. Barbu not resigned voluntarily.Given the above, MMM is not prepared to provide any further amounts to Mr. Barbu.We are authorized to accept service of a statement of claim should your clíent seek to bring an action against MMM.
Am reprodus mai sus modul in care firma canadiana a vazut problema!
Re: MMM Group Limited şi Gheorghe BarbuAm avut acum ocazia de a revizui scrisoarea dumneavoastră din data de 29 octombrie 2010 cu clientul nostru MMM Group Limited ("MMM"). Este complet fals că domnul Barbu a fost forţat să demisioneze de la MMM. Când domnul Barbu s-a întors din concediu, el a anuntat MMM că doreste mai mulţi bani. El a mai informat că el este pregătit să încheie stagiatura sa. Managerul sau a încercat să-l descurajeze pe domnul Barbu de la care s-asi încheie stagiatura şi l-a informat că MMM nu îi oferă o marire de salariu.
Vom reveni cu restul povestii .. momentan cautam sustinerea cititorilor pentru a-l salva pe colegul nostru amenitat cu privarea de libertate pentru "Uttering threats" - adica "Rostirea de amenintari" ... care dupa 11 septembrie in America de nord are o alta conotatie!


Artilces like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.
de Aline in data de 2012-09-09 23:53

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